During pregnancy there is an increase in the level of hormones so that the body adapts to be able to house inside the baby, therefore as the baby grows inside the mother, the weight of the woman goes increasing what causes a curvature in the known spine (hyperlordosis). So it is important to have a  pregnancy pillow and mattress that fills the hollow of the lower back

How does the Pillow and mattress have to be for a pregnant woman?
At the time of having the trough should take into account the following elements:
– Beds not very high. As you go through the months you will see that you are losing agility and it costs you more to crouch. Getting up and down the bed will be increasingly complicated so it is good that your bed is not very high. Your mattress and pillow should not exceed 18 or 20 centimeters thick. If you also use canapé, keep in mind that this height will be greater.

– Balanced firmness. Hard mattresses and pillow excessively soft pillow and mattresses are not recommended as these can intensify your back pains more. Those who are very firm are very uncomfortable and it will take time to find your ideal posture while in the very fluffy you will see that you are going “sinking” as your gut grows and you gain weight.
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-Cozy Pregnancy & Maternity Body Pillow: This pregnancy pillow provides the belly support you need for better sleep and relief from back and round ligament pain. This pregnancy pillow provides the belly support you need for better sleep and relief from back and round ligament pain. Getting a comfortable night’s sleep during pregnancy isn’t easy but you will be able to achieve it when you get on of this.

-Body Pregnancy Pillow Comfort U-Shape: Sleepless nights and achy wakeups are over thanks to the amazing BodyPregnancy Pillow Comfort U-Shaped. You can now get it with 30% OFF!

-The Body Pregnancy U-Shaped Pillow: It is the popular pillow in maternity stuff. The different and limited design along with its good condition; satisfying and soft materials make it a must-have for any expected moms. This will help your sleep more comfortable & relaxing.

-Comfort Bedding Pregnancy Maternity Pillow: Improve your sleeping and your resting with the unique and soft Comfort Bedding Pregnancy Maternity Pillow. A pillow to start your dreams! Get this at 50% OFF!
This Comfort Bedding Pregnancy Maternity Pillow will help you have a good night sleep. A pillow that will help rule out sciatica, heartburn, carpal tunnel and nasal congestion.

-Deluxe Body Maternity Pillow 100% Cotton: Get the rest you deserve during your maternity with this Deluxe Body Maternity Pillow 100% Cotton. NOW WITH 30% OFF!

This Deluxe Body Maternity Pillow is going to be the perfect pillow for pregnant women. Filled with 100% premium polyester hollow fiber, our body maternity pillow is matchless in offering maximum body support and stability in all sleeping positions from head to toe. In the page https://pregnancypillowfan.com, you will be able to find with more exactitude the specifications corresponding to each one of the marks mentioned before

During the pregnancy in very important the correct posture of the back, since there is an increase in the amount of weight in the woman caused a curvature in the back therefore it is advisable the correct choice of a mattress that allows the woman and her baby Adopt the appropriate position for your rest.

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