Doctor Alfonso Van Uden has gained much popularity because of his commitment in serving a large number of people for the past 25 years. Van Uden centre provides complementary and alternative medicine for assorted health states. While treating back, neck and joint pain while it also contains colon therapy numerous reports are published on the success of this treatment.

The services include colon therapy, which follows the process of utilizing water to cleanse and eliminate toxins from the body. This natural healing procedure helps in enhancing digestion while alleviating the entire body. Discharge gas in addition to this treatment is well known to help in weight reduction, improve vascular and lymphatic circulation.


Holistic Center is sometimes termed as normal as they use minimal drug and surgery in the process of treatment besides providing treatments to diseases and illness the treatment also contains dietary and nutritional therapies that are macrobiotics vegetarianism and orthomolecular medicine this kind of treatment has started to gain popularity in the west and several have claimed to have gained well-being and cure from particular chronic diseases by getting the treatment.

Colon therapy can also be another type of alternative medicine which is often taken to eradicate the issues associated with colon. This is a procedure which uses water to scrub and detoxify the colon. Colon treatment can help eliminate toxins form the body while improving digestion. The therapy can be used as some sort of weight loss program. This treatment helps in removing gas, improve vascular and lymphatic circulation.

For treating its patients, Van Uden Center has obtained an optimistic answer. Patients who were once understood to be of never ending flow of taking medications victims have achieved health promotions without drugs, surgery or radiation. By using the alternative medicine treatments some have even been treated through the stages of cancer. The centre provides therapy for treatment message, holistic aesthetics, iridology, colon, ionic footbaths and vibrational therapy.

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