A brand new study is definitively answering among the world’s questions that are most important, does marijuana make you stupid and finally. As the dumb children in the class those aren’t sharpest tools in the shed or the brightest bulbs, stoners have been portrayed throughout time. According to a substantial study conducted on UK teenagers, the view that marijuana caused users to become stupid is pure Hollywood fiction. Becoming high will not make you that stoner guy. We all have heard the narratives that weed makes you stupid, but two new studies on young people imply that smoking weed has little impact on IQ or general intellect.

New research released earlier in 2013 in the Journal of Neuroscience found the solution to the question does weed kill brain cells, although those sometimes assert that the substance fries your brain. Cannabis doesn’t kill brain cells. In fact, cannabis can have a confident impact on a man’s mental health.

does weed make you dumb

While there has been some evidence showing that excessive weed consumption often leads to issues with learning and attention span, there is a good deal of information accessible to consumers that demonstrates marijuana can in fact help, rather than damage the brain. From stimulating the production of new does weed kill brain cells to helping block the cognitive effects of chronic stress and protecting consumers from various forms of dementia, weed may help the human brain considerably more than researchers previously thought.

A large study was conducted on UK adolescents, to warrant the question does bud make you dense. Among the study’s writers said the notion that cannabis use itself is casually related to lower poorer educational functionality and IQ wasn’t supported in this big sample that was teen. After following 2235 adolescents for seven years the team came for their findings. The adolescents who participated had their IQs examined at 15 and again at the age of 8.

So, if weed does not lead to IQ decline, what does? One response may come in the form of a combination variables such as for example socioeconomic status, mental illness, alcohol, hard drugs and other influences touched on by bud studies. Rather than reduce IQ, weed use for many folks helps them extend their mental and physical muscles. So, you curently have the answer to the question does grass make you stupid.

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