4Opt for a decent quality non stick pan that ensures even heating across the entire pan. Scoops with rugged metal edges may cause scratches on non-stick pans and thus it should be avoided. While purchasing non-stick items ensure that it is coated with a good quality non-stick material to prevent the food from sticking. Non-stick coating are very effective and are great for palačinky and other items that cook quickly.

Before you start make sure the cookware is clean and grease free to avoid sticking. Additionally wipe the pan with a clean cloth or paper towel. Place it over low-medium heat. Sprinkle water droplets on the pan if it sizzles and vaporize than the pan is moderately heated.

Add a little cooking oil and a small amount of butter as it serves as a lubricant and prevent the palačinky from sticking while adding extra flavor. Once the oil heats up spread it evenly on the pan by quivering it. A high heat is not recommended but definitely not low as well as it tend to stick the palačinky quickly. Good quality non stick cookware does not require high heat so make sure the stove is in medium flame.

You can now start cooking the pancakes. Pour the batter into the pan and wait for the bubbles to appear and when they pop in and turns golden brown gently flip it over. You can wait an extra minute or so to be sure the palačinky is pretty stable for flipping rather than rushing. This will prevent having palačinky batter all over the grill. Lightly placing spatula beneath the palačinky gently flip it over and cook until brown. After you`re done always make sure to clean the cookware immediately by rinsing and wiping it dry. This will ensure proper hygiene and keep the cookware ready for its next use.

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