It is often learnt from various scientific researches and studies the factors behind bipolar disorder can be biological, genetic, drug induced or biochemical, and external. According to some findings, bipolar disorder can happen in a special part of the brain as a result of malfunctioning of numerous neurotransmitters. In cases like these, the outside forces like catastrophe or anxiety may stay dormant and often trigger the ailment. The source of bipolar disorder may also be genetic or familial, which implies that any person can be subjected to the illness from their first-degree blood relative suffering with the illness.

Bipolar disorder is regarded as a serious illness that creates an important shift in alterations, thinking and mood swings to the individuals’ behaviour. Patients may also suffer with depression that is low to extreme acute mania when diagnosed with bipolar disorder. But, there aren’t any clear indicators of the level a person might be affected by the ailment.


The sources of bipolar illnesses continue to be not clear but recent studies have suggested genetics as one of the important root causes of the illness. But, there’s less evidence that establishes a special gene is linked to the transmission of bipolar disorder. Investigations that are specific assert that really genetic vulnerability may be the likeliest reasons behind bipolar disorder.

In addition, the individual who used drugs to relieve themselves may occasionally have problems with psychotic symptoms ranging from delusions to acting wildly. This may also be considered another of the risk factors of what is bipolar disorder and it’s also advised that people associated with the patients should help and assist them in offering appropriate treatment when possible.

In brief, a man with any of these symptoms needs lots of the right type of treatment and support from close ones from an authorized psychiatrist.

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