The new list of the Seven Wonders of the World was launched on 7th July in Lisbon, Portugal. Along with old challengers some new ones were added to the list. It was not an easy endeavor as it wasn’t a small issue to make the selection. A public vote was made and people from all around the world voted from an inventory of various names. Other popular places and constructions that made it were Alhambra etc., Sidney opera house, hagia Sophia But they could not make it to the list.

Individuals all over should be made aware about these websites. Therefore several websites are there to provide advice about those sites. There are websites dedicated from where visitors can read articles, facts and details about them. Visitors can also look up for graphics of these websites. We live in a world that is busy and we hardly get time out of our daily schedule.


But thanks to these online websites we really get to learn about them before we see them they prepare us for any awful scenario and give us various hints and guides on how to make the best of the trip visiting and being on all these 7 Wonders of the World of the World really can be a fantastic accomplishment and also an unforgettable encounter the present list has these amazing sites and monuments.

They’ve all the detailed info about those monuments and sites. In formation like the locations they can be situated at and their value are often available anywhere. But other details like who built them and how they were assembled, these details will not be found. A site called travelnoobs will give information required about these wonders of the world to you.

These online websites will also give you various travel guide and suggestions which could be helpful in future when you decide to see these sites in the future. They will also give you ideas on which season to see these places best or when.

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