Smoking cigarette is a difficult habit to quit. Cigarette or any other tobacco products releases chemical call nicotine which can be reported to be the most addictive substance. As compared to alcohol and other recreational drugs, nicotine was found to be the most addictive. Therefore smokers and tobacco users frequently find it difficult to quit independently.

Smoking even change the unborn child and can change every part of our body, from our skin to our vital organs. Changing to vaping is ore more healthy for the drug user along with his near and dear ones.

Vape users can however add a high or little quantity of nicotine degree in their eliquid. This can be one of the significant reasons why smokers can readily change to vaping. He can gradually reduce the amount of nicotine degree as a person continues to vape.

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A vape user can specify the amount of nicotine he desires in his ejuice. This aspect of ejuice helps smokers to gradually reduce their nicotine use and in the process reduces the urge.

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