EU Startup Services is a brand new enterprise the leading foundation for Youth Initiation in Europe, from EYIF. EU Startup Services is a consulting services company especially aimed at directing and supporting startups and innovative SMEs in securing EU funding for his or her jobs, in particular Horizon 2020 Plan. EU Startup Services offers quick consulting, project assessment and job writing for startups who desire to apply for EU capital from Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase 2 and 1.Three reasons to apply for the startup services or SME:

Every successful entrepreneur makes heaps of mistakes and they’re often prepared to talk about them with the benefit of hindsight. Get some expertise: Attain an intimate understanding of the sector you plan to start a company into. Know your customer: Researching the marketplace that you are thinking of entering is vital and will let you know if you should be on the right track.


Even if you’ve a modest budget to begin with you can enlist the help of a startup tips or potentially volunteers or mentors know your audience take the full time to do market research and list out who you’re selling to and where you can find them both online and offline this will help you both when creating the merchandise or service and in your marketing efforts.

The advisor gives independent, informed observations and guidance to aid business decision making. If you have questions about business planning, IT, finance, advertising, HR Management or perhaps you are searching for an impartial and independent review of your business, with the aid of the Small Business Advice you will be helped to the next measures on your journey. The Small Business Advice program is open to both new and existing small businesses throughout the island of Ireland who generally employ ten people or less, thought bigger companies may be considered.

They offer startup services like web design consultancy, program design consultancy etc. 91springboard: 91springboard is a startup growth hub which provides co-working space in Delhi and Gurgaon. They have created a collaborative environment where entrepreneurs can connect with investors, mentors, each other and tap into the collective understanding of the community. Inc42 is the state’s top Startup Magazine encourages entrepreneurial ecosystem in India. Startups are supported by them and help in their own promotion through and through, and coordinate events that scale to helping entrepreneurs from promotion of entrepreneurship.

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