The fact that drugs like alcohol and cannabis when consumed in large quantities causes’ erectile dysfunction and other sexual difficulty may not be new to most folks. A decision can be made the dosage plays a significant part on how it effects human. ED is a medical condition where men are not able to get or maintain the erection long enough to have pleasurable time with their partner. Guys who are in their 40s or over it experience this issue often. But great news is that ED is really responsive to treatment. Diseases like diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure etc. contributes towards ED. ED is also effected by Drug abuse, tobacco, alcohol, unhealthy lifestyle.

Wait, now if you are wondering about how does marijuana affect you. Dope accounts for low testosterone production, and low testosterone can also lead to ED. It has also been associated with both inability to achieve orgasm and premature ejaculation. More bad news, dope also contribute to ED by preventing the nervous system that creates the erection. Yes, this is too much bad news for men who smoke marijuana or use other cannabis merchandise. But there’s also some great news and we are getting to it.

ED isn’t only causes by what our body is going through. The psychology also plays an important part in the ED. Mostly guys who suffer from ED additionally suffer with anxiety. And that is where bud comes in image. Marijuana can help some men unwind a stress that is through. On the other hand, studies can also be conducted on whether marijuana is advantageous to sexual health.

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